Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We fly toward closer lights

A million corpses lay dead on our porch each morning. Ok, maybe not a million but close-ish. Bugs. During the night they are lured by the promising glow of the fluorescent bulb. Scientists aren’t quite sure why bugs are drawn to light (phototaxis). Here in Minas every year billions of termites need the natural light of the sun to shed their wings as part of their metamorphosis. In their effort toward an unreachable light their wings fall off as God designed them. Unfortunately for the ones within sight of our porch they reach the light and melt their still attached wings, dive bomb, die and get swept up in the morning. 
We are not so different. We are attracted to false lights; way too attainable lights. Lights that glow in the night promising hope and a shortcut, but deliver only death.

The light that often lures me is the idea that God owes me comfort, success and answered prayer…especially if I struggle for Him.  It’s subtle. I would never outright say or consciously think that. But an expectation that seeps in.

I read Luke 17.7-10 recently. We get it turned around. I get it turned around. I want to think of God as my servant- God as my slave. At the very least, if I serve Him, then he should do something for me. If I serve him, He should… If I struggle, He should… If I endure this, He should… If I am willing to do this thing, then He should…  Like our termites, I think the best thing for me would be to pass through this life without struggle or at least less of it; to find the shortcut. Could it be the struggle is God’s kindness. Maybe the impossible struggle is the very thing that will break our juvenile wings, complete our metamorphosis and prepare us to live as we were designed. But we don’t want that. We fly toward closer lights. We lack imagination or faith to believe that God owes us nothing yet wants to give us everything.
I am learning to trust that His plan is good. His plan is incalculable but He is trustworthy.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  -romans 12.12

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